Who’s contributing in 2019?

Everyone at the 2019 will form part of the conference. With opportunities to present through open space, we believe that everyone is a contributor. See below for who is attending and offering their creative energy to the conference.

Ross Allen
Ross is a creative and collaborative facilitator and strategist, living and working on Wurundjeri-willam clan (Woiwurrung) Country in Melbourne. Ross combines empathy and intuition with diverse knowledge and networks to enhance the effectiveness of multi-organisational groups working to transforming urban places and systems. His background and interests are in urban water management and sustainable communities.
Rachel Apelt
I am a graphic facilitator and graphic recorder based in Brisbane. My formation as a facilitator has three foundational pillars - visual arts, Gestalt and IAP2
Rika Asaoka
Intercultural facilitation, Intercultural Readiness, Intercultural Business Solution, Harmony and Stillness
Diana Barnett
Meredith Baylis
Pam Blamey
I have facilitated a few workshops on fairy tales, which are my passion, and more recently writing workshops, which I want to get into more.
Martin Butcher
I attended the 1998 AFN conference and have been learning ever since. I still find creating spaces for people to discuss the things that are important to them both rewarding and challenging.
Vida Carlino
I’m Vida a seeker of wisdom and lover of life. I am known for my focus and commitment to authentic being and conscious success. I’m a published author , speaker, facilitator, founder of Inspiration Source offering a variety of unique retreats, workshops, sacred circles and conscious coaching programs for evolving entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders.
Jill Chivers
Jill Chivers is a speaker, writer, coach, creator, designer, MC, professional facilitator and workshop leader. She works with individual and groups, designing and delivering work that inspires real and lasting change in how people think, feel and behave.
Robin Clayfield
Robin has been facilitating for over three decades using creative, interactive processes and has developed the ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Methodology which pieces together all the elements that create a dynamic, effective and cohesive group and satisfied, engaged people. Her practice is grounded in and grown up through Permaculture, Nonviolent Communication, Heart Politics, Sociocracy, Deep Ecology and her ‘Dynamic Groups’ work.
Gillian Cochrane
Linda Conyard
My mission is to eliminate all UNnecessary trauma from the world through education and training in Trauma Informed Care & Practice.
Bob Dick
I'm avidly interested in consultancy and facilitation work that's stimulating, worthwhile, and helps to make the world a better place. I very much prefer highly participative assignments, with wide involvement of those people who have a stake in what's happening. I prefer to work in ways that help the people I work with to acquire my skills and processes by working with me.
Liz Franzmann
Liz is an Associate Trainer and Facilitator with Groupwork Centre in Melbourne
Emma Hart
Emma is a creative and future-focused change agent with over 18 year’s experience as a professional coach, facilitator and HR organisational development specialist. With a passion for creating ‘future ready’ education her mission is to help people to thrive in an uncertain and rapidly changing world. Emma partners with organisations and individuals to consciously adapt and optimise human performance.
Jarra Hicks
I support communities across Australia who are setting up their own renewable energy projects. I have a background in social enterprise, cooperatives, community development, activism and energy.
Geof Hill
Geof Hill is the Principal Consultant for The Investigative Practitioner. He supports professionals undertaking practice-led inquiry.
Dale Hunter
Group facilitation is an important part of who I am. Many of my facilitator mates will be at the conference so it it a must.
John James
As an enabler of change, I enjoy managing a training and development program for the Queensland Government, building the skills and capabilities of those working to enable greater practice change in the Great Barrier Reef catchments. Keen facilitator and passionate learner.
Louise Kelly
Highly experienced Learning and development specialist and professional facilitator, coach, mentor, trainer, speaker and presenter. Primary specialities are in psychology of high performing teams and developing organisational capabilities.
Jamie Kruusmaa
Relatively new to the facilitation space, Jaime currently works in the space of team and youth development, where she is passionate about connecting people and facilitating conversations around solutions to environmental issues.
Deborah Lange
For the last 30 years I have worked and partnered with a diverse array of stakeholders as an enabler of change and custodian of transformation. I believe that facilitative leadership can be a beacon of possibility, for organisations and communities, as we listen and engage with all voices to create unique ways of working together. Deb Lange, Elder
Helen Lawless
I am an experienced change manager and I work with groups to develop change resilience.
Cathryn Lloyd
"Creativity lies at the heart of everything we do”
I’m Cathryn Lloyd Founder/Director of Maverick Minds, a creative consultancy that designs meaningful learning experiences for leaders, managers, teams and professional individuals to realise their creative confidence. I have over 20 years experience across the creative industries and am Australia’s first certified creativity coach with the Creativity Coaching Association.
Ramon Marmolejos
I am a learning designer, facilitator and strategy consultant with a passion for developing people and organizations. My purpose is to help people, teams, and organisations build the capability to become fuller and more vibrant versions of themselves—so they can constantly transform, and have a positive impact in the world.
Marie Martin
I try to live every day from a position of facilitating. I do not think of myself as an “Elder” but have been given this title since Alice Springs. I have so much to learn!
Gabrielle Martinovich
As the Director of Definitude Consulting, I am a certified innovation coach working with businesses experiencing growth, change or complexity to define their strategy and build collaboration with their people, partners and customers.
Simone Maus
I am an independent facilitator, facilitation skills trainer and facilitation mentor. I have been working in partnership with Zenergy Global for 7 years who has been a leader in cooperative technology and offers a diploma in facilitation since 1993.
Richelle Menzies
I am a clinical sexologist providing counselling and education. I have been a facilitator of change since 2007 in the LGBTIQ inclusion and more recently sexology space.
Sarah Norton
Sarah believes in the magic of groups and the power of well facilitated groupwork to change the world, she works with the Groupwork Centre to create a just and sustainable world.
Anthea Ogilvie
I am deeply interested in the notion and meaning of community and the sense of belonging and fulfilment I have when the need for community is met. My current project is running workshops teaching people how to make Kombucha.
Mette Sorensen
By 1994, Mette designed and founded live-in courses, and Mette’s Institute now offers a range of live-in programs including KaHuna Bodywork, leader and facilitation training, Spirit of Woman retreats, and cleansing programs at Tivoli Retreat. In 2016, Mette and Jorgen opened the KaHuna Hub massage clinic in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
Rick Sommerford
I am an industrial electrician who found facilitation and deployed the learnings to my work place at every opportunity. In my work I encourage others to be open to new ways of being that promotes co-operation in our workplaces to achieve outcomes that are greater than the sum of the individual inputs.
Juliet Talarico
I am an emerging facilitator in social ecology and spiritual ecology and looking forward to engaging with people of diverse backgrounds.
Kelly Townsend
Facilitator, connector, writer, celebrant, mentor HR Consultant and co-creator at Freedom through Connection and Zenergy Global in Auckland, NZ.
Cindy Turner
Carol Vale
I am a Dunghutti woman and Managing Director of Murawin, a consultancy with a focus on evaluation, facilitation and cross-cultural engagement.
Michelle Walker
My mission is to get as many people reconnected to their natural creativity as possible.
Peter Wallman
Peter Wallman is the author of best selling “The Wisdom of Passion” and inventor of Passion Mapping™ which enable individuals, pairs and groups to connect with their deepest essence and to generate clarity about what is most important and fulfilling for them. He has been a member of AFN since the earliest days, and an AFN presentation started his Passion Mapping journey.