The 2019 AFN Conference will be in Brisbane from 24-26 July 2019.  Join us at The Greek Club, South Brisbane for the unique event you won’t want to miss.

The theme will be ….

What the world needs now – the contribution and value of facilitation

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Check out our program!  The exciting news is that you can contribute to the Conference – give a presentation in an open space session!

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Just some of the sessions you’ll see at the conference are:

  • Cross Cultural Capacities with Carol Vale – we will explore Goondeen with Uncle Albert and Bill Synott.
  • Innovation in Community and Organisational Leadership with Dee Brooks and Mel Geitch
  • Cooking with stories with Cathryn Lloyd and Andrew Rixon
  • Foresighting with the 3 horizons process with Michelle Walker, Jai Allison and Rachel Apelt.
  • Exploring technique for online facilitation with  Jill Chivers, Bob Dick, Andrew Rixon and Stephen Thorpe

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Pre and post conference workshops are starting to take form – see our offerings so far – more are on their way.

Everyone who attends will be a contributor to the Conference, just by being there!  Check out who is going so far.

The 2019 Conference Committee met at the Greek Club on 13 June to dot the i’s and cross the t’s of the program – it’s going to be fantastic.

What is Open Space… watch our video below to find out.

What do we think of the food at the Greek Club?

Why attend the conference?  So you can join us for:

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