Session 9 – Emergent Edges: Deepening into Possibility

Date:  Wednesday 14 October 2020                        Time:    8am                            Length:   90 Minutes 

Elsa Henderson

This session is designed for:         
Emerging facilitators                      Still developing                   Wisdom Keeper                  Everyone

Will this session be recorded?                                       Yes      

Important to note:
This session can take a maximum of 30 attendees

Session Outline

Moments of flow, hesitation and tension provide an opportunity for individuals and teams to get to know their inherent diversity and in doing so deepen their connection.

In this session we will explore an inner work practice to transmute a challenging situation to find a resource within it. This inner work is designed to develop our inner resilience. We will then look at group growth edges, the threshold between what is known, what is emerging and the boundaries and beliefs that constellate norms. Together we will consider group behaviours that signal edges as well as how we can work with them. Part of edge work is recognizing what is accepted and what is marginalized to get to know more of the voices and information present and create awareness within any system.

This awareness creates opportunities for deeper connection, invites contrasting perspectives and supports common ground.

Holistic facilitation seeks to bring more information forward, valuing tension and flow as resources for innovation.

The resilience of connection is supported by our capacity to bridge inner and outer experience, convergence and divergence.

In this seminar we will engage our inner diversity, to work with tension as a doorway to increased connection. We will then explore a framework and practice for deepening our shared purpose and building trust.

“I am, because you are”: The cultivation of capacities within the facilitator creating inner and outer structures to support diversity

Key Learning Objectives

  • Cultivate inner resilience
  • Transmute tension into resources
  • Map growth edges to stimulate engagement
  • Create inner and outer structures to support diversity

“The transformation we seek occurs when these two conditions are created: when we produce deeper relatedness across boundaries, and when we create new conversations that focus on the gifts and capacities of others” (Peter Block, 2018, p. 61)

How this session contributes to the AFN Community of Practice

This session will introduce new skills, invite ways of being to steward the inherent diversity in any system. It will also provide frameworks for working with emerging experience and diversity in ourselves and in groups.

Toolkit takeaways

  • Innerwork Handout
  • Activity handout which will enable participants to follow the process as they encounter new contexts.
  • Metavision Facilitation Training flyer

Speaker Biographies

Elsa works internationally as a facilitator and consultant, supporting learning and action networks for social impact. She is committed to working with individuals and teams to actualize their potential through aligning with purpose, deepening connection, and creating structures that foster collaboration. Elsa’s passion and experience lie in utilizing her love for cultivating communication and invoking immersive learning, to generate ideas for collective flourishing. She is faculty at the Metavision Institute and a consultant at Converge for Impact.