Session 17 – Creating places for happy humans

Date:  Wednesday 21 October 2020          Time: 10am                        Length:     90-120  Minutes

Martin Butcher

This session is designed for:
Emerging facilitators                      Still developing                   Wisdom Keeper                  Everyone

Will this session be recorded?                                       No

Session Outline

In this session, I will create a place for participants to explore their relationship between the physical environment and themselves. It is based on 2 quotes. The first is by Enrique Penalossa, one time Mayor of Bogata, Columbia “We know a lot about the ideal environment for a whale or mountain gorilla, we are far less certain about the ideal environment for a human being”. The second is by the architect Mies Van Der Rohe “Architecture is the will of an epoc translated into space”.

The session is created on the observation that digital technology is todays primary space creating medium. What and how participants interact with each other in the place provided by myself and the technology is the dance we collectively create.

Key Learning Objectives

For me, the learnings will depend on how well received the session is by participants. Within the constraints of the brief given by the organisers I will have designed a digital workshop that I hope participants will find useful, interesting and enjoyable.

I hope the participants will learn:

  • interesting content relevant for todays world
  • a useful structure to a workshop that they can use themselves.
  • Enjoyable ways to weave together technique, structure and content.

How this session contributes to the AFN Community of Practice

Facilitation is a design or Action Learning discipline. The AFN CoP provides an opportunity for experimentation and risk taking. This offer will reside in the provinces of risk taking and learning opportunities for all involved.

Toolkit takeaways

Wait and see….

Speaker Biographies

Dr. Martin Butcher has been learning about facilitation for the last 20 yrs.