Session 14 – To lead with your story

Date:  Monday 19 October 2020                        Time:  10am                         Length:  90 Minutes

Debra Driscoll

This session is designed for:
Emerging facilitators                      Still developing                   Wisdom Keeper                  Everyone

Will this session be recorded?                            Yes  if all attendees agree

Session Outline

When we share who we are as we lean into the leadership and the holding of space and learning for others we lean into the creation of shared narratives. If as facilitators we lead with a personal narrative, we invite narratives that weave the fabric of the collective rather than the individual. The “I am because you are” can be shared through story and as facilitators we can lead with our own stories.
In this session Debra will share the model of story led facilitation that is the foundation to the work developed by Fearless Communicators, a US based communications company that works globally and across cultures and industries.

Key Learning Objectives

In this session Debra will take participants through the process of choosing the story to share and then the process for its intention, crafting and placement of delivery.

Participants will walk away with

  • An identified story
  • An understanding of why story is powerful as connector and creator of community and culture
  • Confidence in their capacity to lead with story and how to invite narratives into their facilitation.

How this session contributes to the AFN Community of Practice

This session will compliment the skills of emerging and established facilitators and will add shared language and a framework to the use of story in facilitation.

Toolkit takeaways

Participants will receive a slide deck (pdf) with the LEAD with STORY framework and process that they can use to craft their stories as well as public speakings tips on best practices in story delivery.

Speaker Biographies

Debra Driscoll
Debra is a professional story facilitator,  applied theatre practitioner, writer, speaker, Reiki Master, and intuitive mentor. She has developed a strong framework for intuitive listening, embodied and action driven discovery and intentional engagement of individuals, teams, and communities.

Debra is the Creator of Tools 4 the Soul; a story and spiritual practice consultancy dedicated to sharing stories of grief, loss, love, and spiritual growth to inspire and assist people to ease their hurt where possible and discover how it is in our “ouch” that we can find layers of ourselves and soul expand. Debra works with clients and groups teaching spiritual practice tools, personal empowerment, Reiki, and the affirmation and reframing of our personal narratives.

Debra’s book; A Series of Surrenders – a memoir of grief, is available September 2019 through Balboa Press.

Debra works internationally and is based in New York City.