In 2020 we will again be offering scholarships for:

  • Emerging
  • Indigenous
  • Young (<30 years)
  • Low income
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) facilitators
  • Who have not previously received a scholarship.

There are no quotas. However, the focus is on those groups identified – you may fit into several groups, but it is important that you have not previously been a recipient. Your registration fee including dinner will be provided, and there may be funds to subsidise your travel and/or accommodation if requested with a rationale.

We will be calling for expressions of interest soon. Our 2019 criteria is below to help you see what sort of information is required to apply.


  1. Demonstrated interest and/or experience in facilitation
  2. Potential to benefit from participation in the AFN2019 conference / connection to AFN community
  3. Ability and desire to contribute to AFN2019 (e.g. conference support, cultural advisory, etc.)
  4. Compelling grounds for scholarship request (e.g. low income, working for a community or not-for-profit organisation, distance to travel, etc.)


Scholarships will be offered to individuals meeting the above criteria, as determined by the AFN2020 Convenors Scholarship group.

Please provide a written response to the criteria above. Proposed scholarship recipients will be recommended to the AFN2020 Convenors for consideration.