We are delighted to be offering scholarships for:

  • Emerging
  • Indigenous
  • Young (<30 years)
  • Low income
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) facilitators
  • Who have not previously received a scholarship.

There are no quotas. However, the focus is on those groups identified – you may fit into several groups, but it is important that you have not previously been a recipient. Your registration fee including dinner will be provided, and there may be funds to subsidise your travel and/or accommodation if requested with a rationale.

During the 2019 AFN Conference, we will assign you a mentor to guide you with your learning through and afterwards where appropriate. We hope that recipients have the ability and desire to contribute to AFN2019 in other ways (helping out, providing cultural advice, general conference support as appropriate) without detracting from being a part of AFN2019.

Please email your expression of interest to by Friday 26 April 2019 addressing the 4 criteria below or encourage other facilitators you know who could benefit from this opportunity to respond to the criteria.


  1. Demonstrated interest and/or experience in facilitation
  2. Potential to benefit from participation in the AFN2019 conference / connection to AFN community
  3. Ability and desire to contribute to AFN2019 (e.g. conference support, cultural advisory, etc.)
  4. Compelling grounds for scholarship request (e.g. low income, working for a community or not-for-profit organisation, distance to travel, etc.)


Scholarships will be offered to individuals meeting the above criteria, as determined by the AFN2019 convenors scholarship sub-group. Two scholarships are being supported by Zenergy, New Zealand and The Groupwork Centre, Australia.

Please provide a written response to the criteria above. Proposed scholarship recipients will be recommended to the AFN2019 convenors for consideration.


We are seeking experienced facilitators, who know their craft, to mentor scholarship recipients at 2019 AFN conference. Scholarships will be awarded to:

  • Emerging
  • Indigenous
  • Young (<30 years)
  • Low income, and
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) facilitators.

This is an opportunity for your own development as well as developing a diverse and inclusive Australasian facilitators’ community of practice.

The expectation would be to have one meeting before the conference and to guide the recipient through the conference and continue the relationship afterwards where appropriate. The scholarship committee will match mentors with mentees and provide a framework for mentoring.

Please email and share if you or others you know are interested and could benefit from this opportunity.  Call us on 07 5429 8480 if you have any questions.

Click here to download our scholarship information brochure.