Working Together Ways

Working Together Ways: Building our intercultural capacity with Carol Vale and Michelle Howard

Do you want to make a difference in relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians?

Where and When:  Thursday 29 November    10am to 4pm
Cost:  $250
Venue:  La Trobe University, Bundoora

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It’s a challenging path to navigate different lenses on history, violence, inequality, stereotypes and strong emotions. Walking this path requires courage, creativity, humility, deep self-reflection and a sense of humour!

This is a workshop for anyone who is considering, or is currently, working or volunteering in an inter-cultural context.

Working Together Way will use storytelling, play and creative processes to explore the barriers and bridges for working together across cultures, histories and generations.

Our workshop will explore a number of tools that both presenters draw on in their facilitation and stakeholder engagement work as well as honouring the knowledge of group participants. A key focus of the workshop will be to ensure that our approach privileges and embraces cultural differences whilst recognising the significant role that our own cultural biases play in any work that we do. Our workshop is set to both challenge and encourage participants to open the Pandora’s Box because as legend goes at the bottom of that box are the most profound insights and gems that will make a difference in the work that you are doing.

Be part of creating the future, join us in building a new way forward a Together Way.

Courage, vulnerability, trust, creativity, humour and cultural respect are important ingredients for working interculturally. The courage to step into the fire, fear and fraught history of black and white relations and history in Australia. Wearing our vulnerability as a cloak of strength to take risks, make mistakes and trust that there is a better, shared way. Engaging creatively to find new ways of working whilst embracing and respecting traditions and wisdom from the past. Laughing from our bellies, with tears in our eyes as we stumble towards something new and exciting together.

The Presenters

Carol Vale and Michelle Howard have established a professional relationship and friendship through their shared commitment to modelling strong, flourishing intercultural relationships and their love of the dance floor! Weaving together the threads of their lives and discovering the bonds of commonality and the lessons in difference, Carol and Michelle share 50 years of experience working in groups and are accredited with the International Association of Facilitators.


Carol Vale is a Dunghutti woman from NSW and has been facilitating complex and intercultural conversations between a range of stakeholders for most of her career. Prior to establishing her consultancy business Murawin, she worked primarily in the NSW Public Service and is committed to enabling conversations that lead to positive outcomes for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. She strongly believes in the issue of reconciliation and social justice and convenes a number of intercultural initiatives joining people together to drive change


Michelle established Collaborations in 1993 and has worked across all levels of government, the not-for-profit and private sectors managing process of policy development and change. Her work in facilitation and community engagement has focused on working with diversity and groups which are harder to engage. She recently captured the learnings from 25 years of practice in a professional development journal “Lessons from the Trough: working authentically with people and groups”, and is now focusing on developing facilitation skills in others through workshops and professional development offerings.

Together Way will use storytelling, play and creative processes to explore the barriers and bridges for working together across cultures, histories and generations.

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