The ups and downs of the facilitator client relationship – on a board game!

You’ve got the gig. The client obviously liked your proposal or maybe you were highly recommended by someone in their network.

At the first meeting with the client to scope the work, it’s clear that the goal posts have shifted.

How do you respond? What might work best for both you and the client?

What are the challenges that arise in your relationships with clients in different sectors – corporate, government and  community?

Many of us facilitators work alone, trying to figure out this stuff for ourselves. Let’s draw on our collective experience and work it out together.

In this session you’ll dive into an activity that is ‘…energising, empowering, group-building and rich with practical lessons. Perfect for after lunch when energy is starting to flag’ (thanks to Holly Hammond and India Prior for this fabulous description).

We believe that imitation is definitely the sincerest form of flattery and have modelled this session on the fantastic People Sized Boardgame hosted by Holly Hammond and India Prior at Facilitation One Day Wonder in Melbourne earlier this year. It was so good, that we decided to share the magic!

We’ll explore the facilitator/client relationship by working through some typical, and not-so-typical, challenges.

Together we’ll unearth simple ideas, breakthroughs and insights from the collective wisdom of our fellow practitioners.

You’ll get some tips on how to respond to some of the recurring challenges in facilitator/client relationships and gain insights that you can apply directly to your client relationships and practice.

Participants at last year’s AFN conference said they were keen to talk more about what the facilitator/client relationship. Here’s your chance to explore and have some fun!

The Presenters

Kathlin Mayer is a community engagement specialist who brings a capacity building and collaborative partnership approach to project delivery. She’s brings a relaxed and creative style to facilitation that encourages conversations of depth and relevance. Kathlin has worked in multidisciplinary teams delivering a variety of community engagement and place activation initiatives in complex stakeholder environments.


Jacinta Cubis facilitates conversations and collaborations with partners, communities and stakeholders for social benefit. Jacinta led engagement and partnering programs for 16 years in the government, community and higher education sectors before establishing her consultancy in 2015. Jacinta went to Uni to become a journalist, took a turn, and exited a filmmaker. A few career twists and turns followed. When not facilitating a workshop, you may find Jacinta on her yoga mat, in her art studio or on the tango dance floor.