The Emotional Facilitator

As facilitators it’s easy to think we should always be cool, calm, and collected. After all, I need to be in control, right? Surely I have to manage myself before I can manage a group? But we all have emotions. What happens if we embrace that vulnerability and let the group see that we are human too?

Sometimes it’s not possible, or even desirable to hide our emotional reactions. In fact, good intuition relies on listening to our emotions. So where does the balance lie?

This session will explore the pros and cons of showing emotion (as a facilitator). When is it appropriate? How much is appropriate? What effect does it have on the group?

This is a rich and highly relevant topic with no prescriptive answers.

The goal is to reflect on our own practice and find the mode of being that suits us best.

The Presenter

Paul Micallef studied Aerospace Engineering and worked five years at Boeing in Port Melbourne doing design work for the 787 Dreamliner before feeling called to leave engineering behind and pursue a more empathic career which makes use of his natural talent for communication and emotional intelligence.

Since discovering he has Aspergers in 2015, Paul has worked for the I CAN Network teaching parents, students, and teachers about Autism, and recently started his own online business teaching emotional intelligence in a way that is specifically designed to be Autism friendly.

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