Stocktaking and Celebrating the Elements of Creative, Dynamic and Effective Group Facilitation

As you probably well know, when a group is dynamic it’s more able to be responsive, effective and engaging. When members of a group are having fun, connecting, communicating and solving problems easily, they stay involved and naturally achieve their purpose through active participation and co-creation. When the ‘Art and Skill’ of facilitation is fluent and genuinely offered from a heart by the facilitator, the chances of success, group cohesion and empowerment of all involved is very high.

Over 30 years of working, facilitating and educating in groups saw Robin develop her ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ methodology, which pieces together all the essential elements for supporting groups, organisations, businesses, families, communities, teams and projects to be successful, energised and resilient.

This workshop offers an interactive and fun exploration of all the elements that support effective group facilitation and will gather and draw in your diverse and accumulated wisdom, check that against Robin’s ELFy jigsaw puzzle map of the elements and celebrate all that we’ve gleaned and discovered as facilitators over the years. The aim is to also harvest some useful tools and inspiration to take home.

The Presenter

Robin Clayfield is an internationally acclaimed facilitator, educator, author and social change practitioner who regularly offers courses in Australia and overseas. She’s best known for nearly three decades of facilitating, training and coaching a diverse cross-section of leaders, facilitators and educators to effectively engage and inspire participants through creative, interactive processes and innovative learning methods. She loves designing specialised workshops for community organisations, work teams, social enterprises, festivals and conferences. She also mentors and consults to key leaders and emerging facilitators. Robin has authored two books and several card games, created a CD, a community governance and decision making resource kit and co-authored a facilitation and training manual specifically for Permaculture educators plus other resources. This has culminated in the development of her innovative ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Methodology some 10 years ago and the birth of ELFy, Robin’s mascot and key support person. This colourful elven magician is really a jigsaw puzzle comprising all the elements that, when pieced together, creates a dynamic, effective and cohesive group and satisfied, engaged people. Her work is grounded in and grown up through Permaculture, Nonviolent Communication, Sociocracy, Deep Ecology and ‘Dynamic Groups’.