Session 6 – MSR – Music, Sound, Rhythm

Date:  Friday 9 October 2020                              Time:      5pm                              Length:    90  Minutes
Date:  Monday 26 October 2020                        Time:      3pm                              Length:    90  Minutes
(This session is being run for a second time as the first one has booked out).

Farid Abdul Hamid, Pam Bourke and Charlie Trindall  

This session is designed for:
Emerging facilitators                      Still developing                   Wisdom Keeper                  Everyone

Will this session be recorded?                           Yes  – if everyone in attendance agrees

Session Outline

Music, sound & rhythm (MSR)have been used for millennia to nurture and hold space and community – connecting individuals in a shared experience that taps into the cognitive, affective and spiritual – uniting humans to non-human sentient beings and the gods/ creator/ the universe. MSR are potentially powerful platforms available to facilitators to enhance the facilitation process. MSR is easily accessible which levels the field equitably. MSR enables us to time travel, relate to space and time (eg songlines), they help us take off masks – enabling us to relate to others (and ourselves) more authentically – nurturing mutual trust – a cornerstone of connection, collaboration and equity in diversity.

Key Learning Objectives

  1. to explore the potential that music, sound and rhythm offer in enhancing the facilitation process.
  2. to share some of the techniques and mediums of MSR that can enhance the facilitation process
  3. to engage and experiment with using MSR in a facilitated experience

How this session contributes to the AFN Community of Practice

The session will offer facilitators and the AFN community an opportunity to explore and practice using MSR to :

  1. enhance the facilitation process,
  2. build authentic and meaningful relationships / dialogue / encounters
    • within the individual facilitator to become more mindful aware and effective
    • between facilitators in the community
    • between facilitators and the larger society /societies

Toolkit takeaways

  1. A highly creative, engaging, experiential session
  2. PDF handouts
  3. Ideas, techniques & MSR tools/techniques to enhance facilitation

Speaker Biographies

Farid Abdul Hamid
Farid has 30 years of professional facilitation experience – focusing on Cultural Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Diversity & Inclusivity, Inter-Spiritual Engagement and Facilitator Training. He’s taught at Singapores, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Polytechnic & Republic Polytechnic. He spent 8 years in the field of Outdoor Adventure Education with Outward Bound Singapore & Outward Bound Brunei. He was the founding Director of the Youth Expedition Project at the Singapore International Foundation engaged in the field of Service Learning. His work has brought him to Guyana, China, East Timor, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam & Bhutan. His hobbies include ethnic traditional folk songs and kayaking. “Rachel” his guitar is his trusty partner when he facilitates.

Pam Bourke
Pam Bourke has over thirty-five years’ experience working locally and globally in diverse sectors as a facilitator, practitioner, educator and trainer specialising in dialogue, community development and engagement.

Pam is a lecturer at the University of Queensland and Catholic University in Chile specialising in improving community relations and dialogue in the extractives sector. Pam’s recent clients include the BHP Foundation, the Australian Embassy in Chile, Newcrest Mining, and Teck Resources. Pam is active in local and global community groups and communities of practice facilitating participation in urban planning, climate change adaptation and peace building.

Charlie Trindall
Charlie Trindall is a Gamilaroi man born in the Western NSW town of Narrabri and spending his childhood and adult years in the Northern Tablelands city of Armidale.  He currently lives and works in Sydney which has been his home for the past twenty years, where he currently works as a Project officer with Aboriginal Affairs NSW.

Charlie has a Masters in Indigenous Studies where he focused his study on Trans-generational Trauma and Expressive Arts Therapy.He is a qualified group facilitator working and certified facilitator with global companies such as the Institute of cultural Affairs, Pacific Institute and more recently with Zenergy Global where he recently completed his Diploma of Facilitation.
Charlie is also an independent singer song writer and recording artist and has a passion for martial arts where he has studied Wing Chun Kung fu for the past 8 years with Red Boat King Fu School in Redfern Sydney.

Charlie has always said his real passion is his family where he attributes his journey to his children who in his words are his best friends