Alice Springs 3

How is your planning going? Have you booked yet for the conference?

Last night at our local AFN network we shared stories of our worst moments in our facilitation memory.

One of our members was working with a group of indigenous men. He had only one wok available for the bush food cook off.
No men came forward to cook at the wok and he found himself doing it all .

Later, one of the guys said, next time, bring 4 woks. He did.
The men got to work. They had self organised around the woks in their respective skin groups.

As explained to me , skin is not related to the colour or skin. They are a way of people knowing their relationships to each other . Each skin has specific roles in relation to the other skin groups and in certain settings, every one knows what each others job is. Things are highly organised.

This system has been handed down for thousands of years through ceremony and is till used today.

The skin system means you have belonging wherever you go in Australia. Even if you have no blood relatives there – you belong to someone and have relationship to them

THe skin system if important to know about if you are facilitating with indigenous peoples.

Perhaps you may learn more about this when you come to ALice for the AFN Conference

We are waiting for you!

Sue Gregory
for the Alice Springs working group for the AFN conference
0419 119744

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