Is There Change in the Air? The Adoption of Reinventing Organisations in Australia and NZ

Facilitating the ‘Soulful Organisation’ – Good for People and Organisations!  There is a Zeitgeist; organisations around the world are embracing ideas like self management [no boss], wholeness and evolutionary purpose [beyond money]. Or they are, it seems in Europe and North America.  Is there the same appetite in Australasia?   In this session, Stephen Hanman and Ian George will play, demonstrate and articulate how to facilitate “From Me to We” in organisational life; a sustainable alternative to the traditional, top-down hierarchical organisation.

Disruptive technologies should be this simple!

Many people in the world, believe that the most important disruptive technology in the twenty-first century, will come through their iPhone or perhaps appear in a radical biomechanical / cyborg device or descend from the ‘cloud’ but we think differently.

This collaborative model works with new technology, a bridge between creative and business thinking. This is software imbedded in the human psyche that could well be described as ‘new organs of perception’, a technology that wasn’t available 50, 20 or even 10 years ago that is changing the landscape for business and in fact, will alter how human beings interact in the future. It’s not Artificial Intelligence, its Authentic Intelligence.

This profound software, that will take humanity well into the twenty first century, waits silently on the sidelines for individuals and corporations to take it up. It isn’t expensive, not difficult to learn and once developed, this new skill will not only change business but will change staff and contractors’ mindsets.

Stephen Hanman and Ian George will explain the program, introduced at CGA Bryson. It not only changed lives and built powerfully effective and committed teams but it improved the bottom line dramatically and it did all this, with such speed that even the consultants engaged to facilitate the process couldn’t believe the outcomes. Everyone got on board from labourers to Managing Directors.

The audience is sure, to be enraptured by how such a profound idea, has been kept a secret, for so long.

The Presenters

Stephen Hanman’s focus is to create high trust organisational environments that benefit everyone. Collective leadership A capability enabled through expertise across the areas of organisational development, leadership, coaching, change management and directorship experiences gained over 25 years of service with many organisations both private and public.

Stephen is a process consultant and coach which translates to giving the client the fishing rod and not just the fish. His key principle is about, never making a client dependent on the same piece of advice, information or process.

As the founding director of Melbourne’s integrated property company CGA Bryson, Ian George forged a new collaborative approach to working with staff, contractors and consultants alike. A strategy, which is about creating ‘a new mood to the human approaches in business’. This was later identified by Frederic Laloux in his bestselling book ‘Reinventing Organisations’ as a ‘global zeitgeist’.

CGA Bryson Group specialised in funds management and commercial development. In its peak, it saw five divisions, over 50 staff and $250 million in projects in a spread of equity, joint ventures and Fund Management.

Stephen and Ian both saw that organisations worked in a way that didn’t make sense. Why do they need to be hostile, inhuman places? Stephen had been contemplating an alternative since 1986 for what he called a soulful workplace. Ian, felt the same, a place where people could be their best and develop themselves. They believed there was an alternative to the dog-eat-dog competitive way most people live in organisational life.

So, they implemented a collaborative process. An effective and efficient system – a motivated, engaged person is always more productive! In their collaborative works they co-foundered Collaborative Enquiry and co-authored their topseller, From Me to We: Design and Build Collaborative Workplaces.