“I’d Love to do That” – Confessions of an Imperfect Sketcher

How do you take notes at a conference or talk, or when you’re briefed by a client? Would you like them to be a bit more visual? Do you jump with joy at the opportunity to ‘scribe’ a group discussion? Or do you hand the marker to someone else with a sigh of relief, thinking, “I’ll have a go next time”. Would you like to be able to capture what an expert says to a group with a mix of visuals and words? How do you start? Where do you begin?

Jump in and have a go with Jacinta Cubis, facilitator and imperfect drawer. She loves it and so do her colleagues, clients and the groups she works with. Every now and then someone looks over her shoulder and says, “I wish I could do that!” So, here’s your chance.  You’ll learn by doing. Jacinta will show you how she does it – imperfectly. You’ll take a few visual notes for yourselves, before we venture onto a larger canvas, taking visual notes for a group.  You’ll leave with a sense of why it’s worth having a go, and a few tips to get you motivated to grab that marker with a little more glee next time.  Click here to see what one happy participant said she learnt at a session Jacinta led for the Victorian Facilitators Network.

The Presenter

Jacinta Cubis facilitates conversations and collaborations with partners, communities and stakeholders.  She loves sharing her experience and skills to help build the capacity of others – in stakeholder engagement, partnering skills and effective writing.

Jacinta first experienced the incredible impact of communicating with pictures when she taught English as a Foreign Language to beginners in the mid-90s in Sydney, her home town. She has never forgotten the absolute joy when they ‘got’ the visual depiction of emotions, adjectives and even grammar (the present continuous was fun!). The groups and clients she works with draw similar value from her visuals. You’ll find her images threaded throughout her Instagram and Facebook platforms and website.

Jacinta went to Uni to become a journalist, took a turn, and exited a filmmaker. A few career twists and turns followed through international development, government media and communications, mental health and higher education.  When not facilitating a workshop, you may find Jacinta on her yoga mat, in her art studio or on the tango dance floor.