Facilitating the Wisdom Within You

This session will look at ways to mine the wisdom within by understanding more deeply your responses and reactions whilst facilitating groups. Having an awareness of your triggers and unconscious responses is a first step in your emotional resilience and self care as a group facilitator.  This session will introduce you to the Groupwork Institute’s model of self-awareness ‘The Community of Selves’, creating a space for you to explore and play.

The Presenter

Andrea Jones is a Senior Associate in the role of facilitator and educator at the Groupwork Institute.  She is passionate about effective communication and the creation of a collaborative space for the wisdom of individuals and groups to be shared.  Her work draws upon over 25 years’ experience working with groups in the TAFE sector, adult community education and corporate organisations. She has held senior positions managing training delivery, pre-employment programs, traineeships, and industry partnership programs.  As a facilitator, Andrea focuses on assisting groups and individuals to effectively work together, to have courageous conversations, to deal with conflict and to work through processes to help create authentic, resilient and successful organisations.

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