Exploring the Diversity, Creativity and Wisdom Held in Facilitator Fairy Tales

Story and narrative techniques provide powerful tools for working with individuals, groups and organisations. This interactive session will look to using a specific genre of storying to explore the diversity, creativity and wisdom held within the current practice of facilitation in the AFN community. With the first Facilitator Fairytales session being held in 2006 at the Geelong AFN Conference and resulting in a number of published stories, this session will also provide an opportunity to reflect on the stories and observe any changes and differences from more than a decade ago.

The Presenter

Andrew Rixon PhD DTM is an internationally experienced consultant, coach and educator with a particular interest and passion for entrepreneurship, leadership and change. Founder of Babel Fish Group, a boutique management consulting company specialising in leadership and change, Andrew has facilitated more than 500 workshops across a diversity of industries and organisations within Australia and internationally across the US, UK and Asia.

In 2009 Andrew founded The Story Conference, a national story conference providing a space for practitioners interested in the use and application of story and narrative techniques for individuals, communities and organisations. With significant educator experience across Australian business schools including University of Melbourne, Monash University, and James Cook University, Andrew holds an ongoing appointment at Swinburne Business School.

Andrew is proud to be co-editor of the book titled “The Story Cookbook: Practical Recipes for Change” which will be published by Cambridge Scholar Publishing early in 2019 and represents one of the most comprehensive practical guides for working with story and narrative techniques available.