Evaluating from Diverse Perspectives

This session will explore the collection of evaluative information through stories of change and how we can use facilitated activities to collect indicators of impact.

In facilitating projects creating social change there is the need to evaluate what is working, what areas change is taking place, ‘what else’ is happening.  Can the work of the facilitator be evaluated?  How can we measure the ‘value’ of facilitation?

We will guide session participants through a series of processes that will expand how we, as facilitators, can lead evaluative processes and can evaluate the value of our contribution to change.

The Presenters

Vanessa Hood is the Associate Director at Rooftop Social.  Vanessa is an energetic and skilled evaluator, facilitator and trainer with over 16 years’ experience in a range of contexts.

Vanessa has a demonstrated track record in building individual and organisational capability for evaluative thinking, integrating training, coaching and mentoring with structural system-level changes to help establish evaluation and outcome-focussed approaches.

She is passionate about working with people and is known for her use of participatory approaches and creative group facilitation techniques to embed learning and adoption of new ideas.

Sharyn Cox, Coordinator Research and Engagement at Hume City Council and Principal Director SIFT Consulting, has a wealth of experience in community planning, social inclusion, local government leadership, evaluation and facilitation.

Sharyn values effective governance processes that are informed by the communities for which they serve. She enjoys the complexity that is local government.

The blending of facilitation with social planning and evaluation allows Sharyn to work across a range of settings to build inclusive sustainable communities.