Emerging Technologies for Remote Group Facilitation, An Edge Thinking Exercise

Exploring the world of technology currently available and soon to be available for remote meeting places and facilitation of groups to achieve their purpose.  Exploring Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Blended Realities and other relevant technologies including AI and their potential to expand the connectivity and access for individuals and groups remote from each other in virtual spaces.

The Presenters

Stephen Thorpe; Academic, Educator and Facilitator.  Dr. Stephen Thorpe is a Director of Zenergy, an academic, facilitator, trainer, and educator who specialises in group work in the online world.

Rick Sommerford; Zenergy graduate, facilitator, Electrotechnology professional & trainer and has completed Stephen Thorpe’s online facilitation program.  Interested in VR & AR as a future medium for global facilitation delivery as an ecofriendly methodology by reducing the need to travel.