Diving Deeper with Spontaneity and Creativity

This experiential workshop explores the importance of spontaneity and creativity in facilitation.  Through the use of psychodramatic processes we will explore how spontaneity can enable us to become more creative, access our inner wisdom and deepen our connection to both ourselves and others.

Using challenging facilitation scenarios provided by the group we will explore alternative responses to those scenarios, removing blockages and creating a new found sense of freedom.  The process will help participants align their thoughts, feelings and actions so that wise choices are made in the moment.

A safe space will be created to support risk taking in a fun, engaging workshop with deep learnings.

The Presenter

Sarah Norton is a Senior Associate in the role of facilitator and educator at the Groupwork Institute.

Sarah’s approach is lively, engaging and participatory. She creates an environment where people feel heard and acknowledged, where views and opinions are discussed openly and productively, to create a practical and wise way forward.

Her ability to remain grounded, aware and compassionate when working with groups enables her to be flexible and help people create great outcomes through engaging processes, while fearlessly dealing with any issues that arise, creating transformation in groups.

One of the lead educators for our Advanced Diploma of Group Facilitation, Sarah has worked for the Groupwork Institute since 2006, and takes pride in contributing to our vision of  a “just and sustainable world”.

She believes that good processes well facilitated can create great outcomes and ‘magic’ in groups, and has a passion for supporting individuals to be the best they can be.