Creating Environments for Happy Humans

We live in interesting times, not the least being climate change and a growing appreciation of the dynamics of our planet and our role on it. In this session participants will work together to develop creative answers to the predicament identified by Enrique Peñalosa in the statement, “we know a lot about the ideal environment for a happy whale or a happy mountain gorilla. We’re far less clear about what constitutes an ideal environment for a happy human being.” The session will use well tested group facilitation techniques which will provide an opportunity for ‘double loop learning’ to occur.

The Presenter

Martin Butcher has over 20 years experience working with groups to help them work together and develop creative solutions to complex problems. These include; members of an intentional community in Northern NSW, residents of public housing estates (unintentional communities) in the same region; public servants in most States of Australia; 2yrs experience with an NGO in Malawi and currently helping project and program managers in the Dpt. Of Land Water and Planning engage the community to access their wisdom and creativity.