Celebrating Diversity

The benefits of a long career in the not-for-profit, corporate and commercial sector has provided great insight into the diversity, creativity and wisdom of people in leadership and decision-making roles.  The strength of a group comes from its collective elements, and the willingness and mindfulness of the people to be vulnerable to learn and grow. Chris will provide insight into the key elements of feeling secure whilst embracing difference to get the best outcomes in any team environment.  This session will deliver to the delegates a thought provoking approach to leveraging off their own wisdom, and that of others, to embrace the very ‘magic’ that diversity and creativity can bring to enriching the lives and outcomes of others, and the goals they pursue.  People will leave the conference with a renewed understanding and enthusiasm to contribute in a tangible way to growing our society.

The Presenter

Chris Scott is a highly successful and popular individual who’s understanding comes from his depth of knowledge and practical experience as a leader, business development specialist and credentialed coach and mentor.  He has a foundation of strong professional qualifications in business management, organisational performance, governance and executive coaching – complimented with his accomplishments as a board director and more than 22 years-experience as a Chief Executive Officer.  His proven results in enabling and aligning senior leadership teams and individuals to reach their full potential through a successful pathway of empowerment over power has developed great individuals and leaders who inspire leadership qualities in others’ capability to lead.  He brings to the individual the discovery of their true purpose and doing so unleashes amazing results.