Being Open to Being Closed

I don’t know about you but the times that have gotten me into most trouble both in my private and professional life have been when I have been most certain or most scared.

And when I reflect on those incidents I realise that I had been closed to many opportunities that could have led to a different course.

Whilst I am getting better at being more open the world seems to be headed in the opposite direction. Most pundits agree that we are in the midst of an epidemic of closed mindedness. Social discourse is becoming more polarised. And it is no accident that it has come at a time when we need to be more open.

This workshop will explore many of the factors that manacle our minds and deepen our understanding of how to become more open and help others to do likewise.

The Presenter

Peter Rennie is the principal consultant with Leadership Australia. Peter’s clients have won several industry awards for excellence in leadership and management. A highly skilled workshop facilitator, Peter has won several awards for his ideas and presentations.