Applying Complexity: Creating Change Through Understanding

In a world of ever increasing complexity there are diverse ways to create change or to respond to it.  How we take action depends how we see the world. We are all trying to create change but how much do we actually know about it?

In this workshop, we’ll practice shifting ours and other peoples’ paradigms to take advantage of complex systems principles. Complexity helps us understand our networked, seemingly chaotic reality far better than typical ways of organising, so let’s explore how to apply systemic concepts: in our lives, our work in communities and systems we want to change.

Major themes include: understanding ourselves, our lives and our world through the principles of complexity. how to use principles such as emergence, diversity of response and more when strategising and working to create and influence change in communities, socio-ecological systems.

No assumed knowledge. I can adapt the workshop to the experience and interests of the group.

It would be great to have option for projecting video and to be able to get outside if needed. But I can be flexible with whatever is available.

The Presenter

Jai Allison is a reformed engineer, now busy bringing community back into the conversation about how our society can make the most of the 21st Century. Through a mash-up of action learning, practice-based-research and facilitation Jai works with communities of practice, organisations and grass-roots groups who are creating or responding to disruptive change. With close to twenty-years of diverse experience working with communities across Asia and Australia, Jai’s honing in on how we can open ourselves up to new ways of thinking about change and how we can better organise to make it work for us. Basically, through his PhD research Jai is sharing practical experiences and the science behind how local communities are taking affirmative action to create the resilient future they want for their neighborhoods, organisations, landscapes and economies.