Accessing Wisdom and Presence in Groups

This experiential workshop explores wisdom and presence in groups – also known as group consciousness. Wisdom is “the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement” ( Eckhart Tolle tells us that “the most important thing… is to make the present moment your friend and to say yes internally to whatever arises”.

How can we as facilitators be wise and present in the groups we facilitate?

Drawing on Christopher M. Bache’s The Living Classroom; Peter Senge et al.’s Presence; Dean Radin’s Entangled Mind; the work of Zenergy; and other sources including our own experiences – face-to-face and online, we will explore and access individual, peer and whole group wisdom and presence. This will include experimenting with saying ‘Yes’ to the present moment, in whatever way it arises.

This workshop is for facilitators who are willing to explore and grapple with accessing the transformative nature of presence.

The Presenters

Dr. Dale Hunter is a co-founder and director of Zenergy. Dale is an experienced facilitator, coach and mentor and has lead group facilitator training workshops in Australasia, Europe, USA, Canada, China, Malaysia, South Africa and Taiwan. The Zenergy Diploma of Facilitation now has more than 2,500 people who have participated in one or more of its modules.

Dale Hunter is the author of The Art of Facilitation (2007, 2009), described as a “must read” for the facilitation sector, and the principal co-author of Handling Groups in Action: The Use of Distinctions in Facilitation, The Zen of Groups and Co-operacy – A New Way of Being at Work. She has also contributed chapters to the IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation and Creating a Culture of Collaboration published by Jossey-Bass.

Dr. Hunter is a sustaining member of the International Association of Facilitators; a former board member as Vice Chair International (2001-2007) and was instrumental in the development of the IAF Code of Ethics for Group Facilitators. Dale has been involved in the AFN since its inception in 1998.

Dr. Stephen Thorpe is a Director of Zenergy, an academic, facilitator, and educator who specialises in the online world. He is passionate about online group work, group facilitation and online collaborative technologies. His 2009 PhD from the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand investigated the use of storytelling as a team-building process in the facilitation of online groups. He has a background in group facilitation and computer-assisted group work and user-centered design. Stephen also holds a Diploma of Facilitation from Zenergy and a Bachelor of Business with First Class Honours from Auckland University of Technology.

He is the Head of External Relations and Development at the School Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences and the Editor-in-Chief of Group Facilitation: A Research and Applications Journal; an international multi-disciplinary publication focused on the art and science of group facilitation published by the International Association of Facilitators. His areas of research interest include cloud computing, information security, online groups, storytelling, virtual teams, e-Government, group facilitation, virtual worlds and education, multi-stakeholder engagement, information technology governance and computer mediated communication.

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